FlarabySWF License

In the name of Allah the compassionate the most mercifull  Who is Allah ?
May peace and Allah mercy and blessings be upon you

FlarabySWF Tool’s license:

FlarabySWF: Wherever mentioned, it means “FlarabySWF Tool”


1- When buying FlarabySWF you automatically agree on this license

2- As a buyer of FlarabySWF, you can use it under condition that the text you want to convert
AND the converted text do NOT contain or insinuates in any way to anything that violates
Islamic Sharia or to be againest Islam itself, including but not limited to:
any works that contradicts with Islamic Ethics like sex or pornography, Gambling,
anything that is againest Religions or Messengers/Prophets or like, …
For more details and information about Islamic Sharia please follow links on: Dar-Alifta

3- This license aplies on using FlarabySWF only on ONE computer/machine

4- You are not allowed to resell, redistribute, decompile, crack, or transform this tool
(FlarabySWF) or any parts of it or coming with it

Allah is the observer