FlarabySWF Download

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FlarabySWF Download & Setup:

To install this application, please click here

  • The demo version has all the features of the full version except that there is a default input and output text to test the application with, and you can’t change it.

  • Choose “Install” to begin setup or “Cancel” otherwise.
  • If you chose “Install” a window (below) will show up.
  • To put a shortcut icon for FlarabySWF on your desktop, check “Add shortcut icon to my desktop”.
  • To automatically start the application right after the setup, check “Start application after installation”.
  • Locate where you want to install the application from “Install Location”, accept the default location or click on the yellow button to choose another location.
  • Choose “Continue” to proceed or “Cancel” anytime to cancel.
  • If you chose “Continue”, wait a while and the application will be installed, and if you’ve chosen “Start application after installation” the application will start automatically.
  • If you haven’t checked “Start application after installation”,
    go to your desktop and if you’ve checked “Add shortcut icon to my desktop”, click the application’s shortcut icon (below).

  • If you haven’t checked “Add shortcut icon to my desktop” go to the path you chose at “Install Location” to open the application.