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What is FlarabySWF ?

FlarabySWF is a tool that converts Bidirectional Arabic and English text to a text that can be read in Adobe Flash or Adobe Flex at design time. That text can be read in Adobe Flash versions starting from MX and above.

Although FlarabySWF is designed as a solution for bidirectional Arabic and Latin text problem in Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex, it can virtualy be used in ANY software that doesn’t support Arabic – including other Adobe products like for example Adobe InDesign and Adobe Captivate, 3d software, video editing software, publishing software – to correctly render bidirectional multiline Arabic text.

  • FlarabySWF tool was made using Adobe Air. The most important feature in Adobe Air is that an Adobe Air application can run on Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux.
  • FlarabySWF tool is different from FlarabyAS3Flex component in that it’s a “tool” that work at design time and not at runtime. Of course you can put the converted text in a text file (.txt) or a database encoded as UTF-8, and use Actionscript (any version) to load that text at runtime.
  • Unlike FlarabyAS3Flex, FlarabySWF can be used with different versions of Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex and not specific versions.
  • FlarabySWF is used to convert text loaded from a text or directly input by a user to a text that can be manipulated on the Stage of an Adobe Flash file (.fla) for example, like moving, rotationg, tweening or applying effects.
  • The ability to drag and drop a text file (.txt) from Desktop to the application to automatically open it.
  • The ability to set the width, font, and font size of the output textField intended to display the converted text.
  • FlarabySWF benefits from Adobe Flex 3 support for “AFEFontManager” to use an excellent group of fonts called “ae_fonts” (www.arabeyes.org) that can be previewed from within FlarabySWF tool to choose the prefered font to include it in your Adobe Flash document for example (in “embedFonts=true”). These fonts can be downloaded from here.
  • You can choose either to embed a font or use a default system one. It’s recommended to use embeded fonts if you work on Macintosh or Linux systems.
  • You can choose either to use normal text or text that has limited HTML support (anchor, font color and underline tags).
  • You can automatically remove Tashkeel from input text.