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What is FlarabyAS3 ?

FlarabyAS3 is a pure Actionscript SWC component (works in Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex and Adobe Air) that enables rendering bidirectional Arabic text with English, French, Spanish or Italian text in SWF files at runtime.FlarabyAS3 is written using Actionscript 3 syntax and targets Flash Player 10 and above. FlarabyAS3 supports embedFonts, multiline and has limited support for html tags (anchor, font color and underline). FlarabyAS3 component (.swc) is less than 13k in size, which is by far lighter than the new TextLayout Components by Adobe, and makes it suitable for mobile development.

For a design time solution of Arabic in Flash problem, check FlarabySWF

Important Notes:

  • FlarabyAS3 has support for Tashkeel (Arabic Diatrics) while “embedFonts=true”. In this case, only Traditional Arabic and Andalus, (or similar) fonts can render Tashkeel due to their character mappings.
  • You must use TextFormat with FlarabyAS3 to define the font name, weight, size, … TextFormat will be applied on the entire textField. Using more than one TextFormat in the same textField is not supported.
  • FlarabyAS3 has support for ONLY the following Html Tags “<font>” (color attribute only), “<u>”, “<a>”. Nested Html Tags with the same type are not supported, for example:

    <font color=”blue”>Flaraby supports <font color=”red”>Html</font> tags</font>

    Html Tags must be well formated.

  • FlarabyAS3 supports embedFonts property which enables embedding Arabic fonts in SWF files at runtime. This can make the text readable even on a non-Arabic system. But due to the different font mappings for each font FlarabyAS3 does NOT support all fonts, but just some of them like Traditional Arabic and Andalus. You can use the new set of Arabic fonts like the one made by www.arabeyes.org (for example “ae_fonts”), and correctly render them using FlarabyAS3. This set can be downloaded from here
  • Due to the different fonts shapes and sizes, it is always recommended to test how the text looks after converting it with FlarabyAS3 to be sure it looks the way you expect, especially while in multiline text mode, and change the ‘extraCharWidth’ property as needed. Generaly, values from 0.1 to 1 give suitable results.
  • You must specify wether embedFonts=true/false before using any of FlarabyAS3 methods.
  • Switching embedFonts to true/false at runtime using Actionscript leads to unexpected results.
  • Traditional Arabic and Andalous fonts don’t render correctly at these sizes:

    8, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 24, 32

    only while embedFonts=false.